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Care Net affilIated pregnancy centers provide compassionate, life-affirming services and support to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. Find a local pregnancy center now.

Our affiliate centers are independent, non-profit organizations that are accountable to a local board of directors. Care Net equips centers to operate with the highest standards of care and integrity. Each center subscribes to the principles outlined in Care Net's Commitment of Care and Competence, making them a safe, non-judgmental place to explore pregnancy options.  

Care Net centers provide information about all pregnancy options to clients, as well as ongoing practical support for those choosing non-violent options. And, for those who experience abortion related grief or regret, after abortion care programs are available at most centers. Because our affiliates are faith-based, interested clients will also find support in exploring the spiritual dimension of their choices. Center personnel share the love of Jesus Christ in ways that are both practical and personal, and, while caring prayer support is always available to clients, it is never imposed.

The services provided by local Care Net centers are life changing, as evidenced by the client testimonies we receive.  Read stories of real Care Net pregnancy center clients.

The services provided by local Care Net centers may include:

  • Free pregnancy tests

  • Options counseling, including comprehensive information on parenting (including adoption), as well as information on abortion procedures and risks

  • STD/STI testing and information

  • Bible study classes

  • Support groups and peer counseling

  • Limited obstetrical ultrasound services

  • Parenting programs

  • Material assistance, including diapers, maternity clothes, strollers, cribs, car seats, and more

  • Job and housing assistance and referrals

  • Additional community referrals

When pregnancy is experienced as a crisis, we believe the solution is to eliminate the crisis, not the baby. Our local centers offer practical, compassionate support, removing the barriers that cause people to choose abortion and empowering them to make positive choices for themselves and their families.


Note: Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers do not perform or refer for abortion and do not profit from any client's decision.



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