Our Work

The valuable work of Care Net pregnancy centers to empower women and save lives is being recognized by more people than ever. Americans across political, racial, professional and cultural lines are lining up to build life-affirming communities together.

Care Net equips pregnancy centers to impact their communities and connects with women and men at their point of need, ending abortion one person at a time.

Equipping Pregnancy Centers

Care Net experts have more than 400 years of combined experience in serving and equipping pregnancy centers. Using cutting edge research, Care Net provides the highest quality professional guidance, specialized resources, on-site trainings, webinars, national conference, and one-on-one consultations -- all benefitting our affiliated centers.

Thanks to Care Net's advocacy and support, our affiliates are able to equip their personnel to meet the needs of women and families in their communities who experience pregnancy as a crisis and do so according to the highest standards and practices.

Connecting with Clients

Thousands of women will take a pregnancy test today. For some, a positive test is one of life's most joyous moments. For others, it feels like a trap springing shut. 

Once considered a last resort, abortion now may be the first option a woman considers... or the first option a partner or friend encourages her to consider. Although it seems like an easy escape, abortion only masks the problems which make pregnancy difficult in the first place. At the Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL), trained pregnancy coaches connect directly with clients, meeting them at their point of need with compassion, accurate information, and referrals for practical assistance. 

The Result

When women and men receive the support they need, pregnancy is no longer an obstacle to reaching for their dreams. Instead, their baby can be an inspiration to achieve their goals. Pregnancy centers and the Pregnancy Decision Line are dynamic partners in reducing abortion by empowering positive life choices!

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