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Care Net’s experts are available for interviews and are knowledgeable about a wide variety of issues.  They can comment on topics such as abortion alternatives, unplanned and teen pregnancies, healing from a past abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence education, urban community issues, and related policy issues. 

Our experts include, but are not limited to:

• Roland Warren, President and CEO
Dr. Sandy Christiansen, Board Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Care Net's National Medical Consultant
Linda Cochrane, R.N., After Abortion Specialist

To speak with a Care Net expert or make a media inquiry:

  • Complete an interview request
  • For high-res photos or general media inquiries contact Eve Gleason: 703-554-8755, (email preferred)
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Press releases issued in 2006

Care Net Headquarters Relocates to Prison Fellowship Campus
November 13, 2006

Lansdowne, VA location offers exciting opportunities to grow and serve pregnancy centers.

Ms. Magazine Story Highlights Need for Post-Abortion Care, Pregnancy Centers Ready To Respond
October 05, 2006

More than 7,000 people sought post-abortion help at Care Net centers in 2005; 3 million more could still be suffering in silence.

Morning-After Pill Decision Throws Women's Health Concerns to the Wind, Care Net Says
August 24, 2006

"Under the pressure of a powerful pharmaceutical company, abortion advocates, and election year politics, the FDA has rushed this drug to the shelves with no idea of the long-term health effects of repeated use among women, especially teens."

Abortion Proponents Growing Increasingly Frustrated By Success of Pregnancy Centers
April 18, 2006

"Because abortion has become so grossly politicized, it is easy for proponents like Rep. Waxman to cite one or two studies on the risks of abortion and call it a day. But womenen's physical and emotional health hang in the balance. They deserve a comprehensive look at the studies, not election year soundbites."

Pregnancy Centers Respond to Another Attempt By Abortion Proponents to Shut Down Competition
March 31, 2006

"This legislation is unnecessary as it aims to cure an ill that doesn't exist. Our network of pregnancy centers are held to a high standard of integrity regarding truth and honesty in advertising. We find it particularly curious that in her announcement Rep. Maloney did not cite one example of a pregnancy center that is engaging in deceptive advertising."

Time for Abortion in the Black Community to Be History, Care Net Says
February 01, 2006

"Care Net is committed to preserving the legacy of a people that have given so much to this great nation, enduring much through the oppression of slavery and denials of personhood. We are committed to fight the good fight for so great a cause, that of ensuring that life - all life - is protected and held sacred."

Care Net Unveils Make-Over to Ongoing Outdoor Ad Campaign
January 18, 2006

With its ongoing ad campaign, Care Net has placed more than 40,000 billboard and bus shelter ads in 45 states over the past ten years.

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