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Care Net’s experts are available for interviews and are knowledgeable about a wide variety of issues.  They can comment on topics such as abortion alternatives, unplanned and teen pregnancies, healing from a past abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, abstinence education, urban community issues, and related policy issues. 

Our experts include, but are not limited to:

• Roland Warren, President and CEO
Dr. Sandy Christiansen, Board Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Care Net's National Medical Consultant
Linda Cochrane, R.N., After Abortion Specialist

To speak with a Care Net expert or make a media inquiry:

  • Complete an interview request
  • For high-res photos or general media inquiries contact Eve Gleason: 703-554-8755, (email preferred)
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Press releases issued in 2003

National Pregnancy Center Website Gets Generation Y Makeover
December 19, 2003

“It’s critical that our pregnancy center movement be continually thinking about how to be more effective in serving women,” said Care Net President Kurt Entsminger. “Care Net has attempted to do that with the new Option Line website, designing it in a way that appeals to Generation Y.”

Care Net Cheers Passage of Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
October 23, 2003

"For the sake of the thousands of babies who die by this horrific procedure and of the women who suffer the emotional and physical consequences, this day could not have come quickly enough. Partial-birth abortion will soon only be a part of our country’s sad history, but the populace will feel the trauma for generations.

Women Want Ultrasound Access
August 29, 2003

“Regardless of women’s views on choice, the vast majority agree that providing additional ultrasound services is worthwhile. Nearly nine-in-ten women (87%) said that it is important for non-profit women’s health centers to provide ultrasound services, including a considerable majority (64%) who believe this is a 'very important' priority."

25,000 Visits Each Week: Highly Visible Pregnancy Website Purchased
July 29, 2003

“We are harnessing the power of the Internet and expanding our outreach. In addition to providing information on local pregnancy centers, the website will be equipped to answer questions via e-mail, and will offer information about pregnancy and abortion.”

Ultrasound May End Abortion
June 05, 2003

“When the truth about life is accurately portrayed, women will understand abortion is not a positive option and we will win the debate every single time. Newsweek points out ultrasound pictures pack such an emotional punch that even the most hard-line abortions-rights supporters will find themselves questioning their beliefs."

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