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Care Net Comments on Administration Decision to Increase Children's Access to MAP
Care Net Press Release
June 12, 2013


Administration Refuses to Protect Young Girls

LANSDOWNE, VA - Roland Warren, President and CEO of Care Net, today commented on the Obama Administrations' decision to comply with a federal judge's order to make the morning-after-pill available over the counter and without restriction.

Warren noted:
"The administration's capitulation is very troubling. Younger teens and pre-teens may be unable to fully understand how to use the pill, the way it works and its side effects, potentially endangering their health and safety. In addition, without the guidance of parents or medical professionals in taking hormonal birth control, younger girls may be increasingly at risk of being given the pill by an older partner who may not have their best interest in mind. Decisions about children's access to pharmaceuticals should be made based on common sense and with parental guidance and involvement - not based on politics or the opinion of an activist judge."

Currently, the morning-after-pill is available over the counter to adults and older teens under many
 labels, including  Plan B One-StepNext Choice One-Dose,Next Choice and Levonorgestrel Tablets (generic). Teenagers sixteen years old and younger presently need a prescription to purchase it..
According to its manufacturer, Plan B One-Step (R) is not effective as routine birth control and has side effects which include: "changes in your period, nausea, lower abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, dizziness, and breast tenderness."

Plan B One-Step works "primarily by preventing ovulation, possibly preventing fertilization by altering tubal transport of sperm and/or egg, [and] altering the endometrium, which may inhibit implantation. Plan B® One-Step is not effective once the process of implantation has begun." Additionally, data are lacking on the safety of Plan B among young teens. 
Care Net is working to build a culture where every woman receives all the support she needs to welcome her child into life and create her own success story. Last year, Care Net’s faith based pregnancy centers served nearly 400,000 women, offering them free services such as ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD tests and counseling services. Care Net pregnancy centers have been honored by numerous states and, in 2008, by the White House for their service to our country.

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