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May 15, 2013

Conscience Rights are Under Attack, but...

We can DEFEND religious liberty together!

Can you imagine your boss telling you:

"Help with abortions OR lose your job!" 

What a horrific choice

Sadly this is a choice more and more nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists and even doctors are being forced to make.

Do you have 5 minutes to protect religious liberty?

Legislation has been introduced on Capitol Hill to ensure that medical professionals ALWAYS have the right to REFUSE to participate in ABORTION. But too many members of Congress are indifferent - they say "we're just not hearing from our constituents about religious freedom."

You can change that right now! 

Tens of thousands of Americans are getting an email similar to this one today. If we all act together, we can make a difference. 

Will you take just three minutes to call your member of Congress and ask him or her to support and co-sponsor H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act. Ask your representative to tell House leadership to bring this important bill up for a vote BEFORE July 4th! Ensure that your opinion is counted by giving the staff member who answers the phone your zip code and ask them to send you a reply with your representative's position on H.R. 940! Dial the Capitol switchboard now at 202-224-3121 and ask for your representative by name. If you don't know who your representative is, you can find them by entering your zip code here.

Then, take just one minute to share this alert on Facebook - tell your freedom loving friends that you have called your representative and ask them to do the same!

If you are on Twitter, please take one minute more to tweet this alert. We are asking everyone to tweet for religious liberty between 10am and noon Eastern Time today, May 15th. Use hashtag #religiousfreedom 
and short URL: If the media picks up on how many Americans care about defending religious liberty and conscience rights, maybe Congress will listen better too!

We know there are a lot of demands on your time - and you don't often hear from us about legislative issues. Yet, little is more important to maintaining a free society than protecting the right of every American to live out their faith and follow their conscience. Our religious liberty is not just something we exercise in church on Sunday - it is the way we live every single day. 

Please take 5 minutes right now to ask your representative to protect conscience rights and religious liberty

“No provision in our constitution ought to be dearer to man
than that which protects the rights of conscience
against the enterprises of civil authority."
- Thomas Jefferson

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