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"On this 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and legalization of abortion, the opposition's front line is arguably not at the ballot box, in the halls of Congress or state legislatures - or even with the U.S. Supreme Court. It might just be demarcated by a string of more than 2,000 pregnancy centers across the country - most run by conservative Christian groups." - The Denver Post (1/22/13)

Thank your for your interest in opening a pregnancy center in your community. Care Net is pleased to assist developing centers. Here are a few thoughts about how to get started.

  1. The first step is determining a need.  If you go to and type in a zip code, you will find a listing of pregnancy centers already offering services in that area.  If a pregnancy center already exists, Care Net recommends open communication with this center.  We recommend meeting with the leadership of a center already serving the city or county where you plan to plant a center to ensure you will not be duplicating services already offered.  If duplication appears likely, you might consider working with an existing center to help them open a satellite office in your neighborhood. This can be a great blessing to both groups. An area with a large population can often support several centers.
  2. Once you have determined to move forward with developing a new center, please contact us at to request a PDF of our Developing Center Information Packet. We also recommend the purchase of Care Net’s How to Start a CPC manual.  It can be ordered through our online bookstore or by calling 1-800-237-5030.  This manual will be a useful guide as you walk through this process.
  3. To receive training and assistance, please contact our expert independent consults, Bob Foust or Nancy WilliamsThey are also available for on-site training to equip your director, staff and board, as well as to prepare your volunteers to minister to clients. 
  4. Care Net has the option to become a Provisional Affiliate before your center has opened. This option gives you the ability to access some of Care Net's core benefits while you are gathering volunteers, creating your board, etc. Please contact us at for more information about provisional affiliation. 
  5. When you are nearing your opening date, or after you are open, we welcome your center to apply for full Care Net for affiliation!  Our application and core documents can be found on our website here.

Please keep in mind that your center may NOT incorporate with the name Care Net.  Because Care Net is an affiliation organization, only affiliated centers are given permission to use the Care Net name.  Permission to use the Care Net name as a DBA may be requested after a center is affiliated with Care Net.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. - James 1:27 (NLT)

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