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Are you thinking about becoming a Care Net affiliated pregnancy center? Below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions. If you need additional information or support, please contact our Center Services office at 703.554.8753.

Who is Care Net?

Care Net was originally founded as the Christian Action Council in 1975. In the 1980s, the organization adopted the name "Care Net" and opened its first pregnancy center in Maryland.

Today, Care Net is an expansive network, advocating for more than 1,100 independent, affiliated pregnancy centers across North America, as well as operating the Pregnancy Decision Line contact center to reach women and men at their point of need. 

Care Net works to end abortion, not primarily through political action but by building a culture where every woman receives all the support she needs to welcome her child and create her own success story. By empowering women and men to make courageous, life-affirming choices, Care Net and our more than 1100 affiliate pregnancy centers end abortions every single day. 

Care Net is currently located west of Washington, D.C. in Lansdowne, Virginia on the beautiful campus of Prison Fellowship Ministries.

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How much does it cost to be a Care Net affiliate?

Care Net's affiliation fee is pro-rated with regard to the month the application is approved according to the following schedule:

January - March: $200

April - June: $150

July - September: $100

October - December: $50

Care Net's yearly affiliation renewal fee is $200


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What are the Care Net Standards of Affiliation?

Each Care Net member center is required upon initial affiliation and upon annual renewal to certify their agreement to abide by the following standards:

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Why should our center consider joining Care Net if we are already a member of another pregnancy organization?

As a member of another organization, your center may already be receiving many similar benefits that are provided through Care Net affiliation. However, dual affiliation may still greatly strengthen your center outreach by affording access to other specialized trainings, resources, and programs that are not offered through your current affiliation relationship. Care Net offers a number of unique services, including client marketing trainings and consultations, yellow page ad assistance, as well as a host of other relevant benefits. Care Net and its sister organizations, such as Heartbeat International and NIFLA, encourage dual affiliations.

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I want to start a pregnancy center in my community. Where do I start?

The first step is determining what pregnancy center services are already offered in your community. For a listing of pregnancy centers in your area, visit and type in your zip code. This will help you assess the need for another center, or possibly show you where you could plug in your passion with an existing ministry. The next step would be to contact Care Net's department of Center Services at and request information about developing a Care Net pregnancy center. We also recommend the purchase of Care Net’s How to Start a CPC manual. This can be ordered in our online bookstore or by calling 1.800.237.5030.

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I want to volunteer at a pregnancy center. What do I do next?

Care Net pregnancy centers rely heavily on volunteers to minister to women in need. Each center recruits and trains their own volunteers, so contacting the center directly is important. For a listing of pregnancy centers in your area, visit and type in your zip code.


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